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Here is a sneak peek of the Polarbear sharing button!
Coming soon to a website near you! 🙂


Polarbear app will soon be available on the BlackBerry Q10!!

A beautiful BlackBerry DEV ALPHA C arrived this morning! Thanks BlackBerry! 🙂

Best Monday ever!! Guess what BlackBerry sent me! 🙂

Something awesome is coming to Polarbear!

A couple more beta invites for Polarbear app for Android going out today!

New sharing features are coming soon to Polarbear app for Android and BlackBerry! You’ll love them! 🙂

All invites sent!
Check your inbox for “Polarbear app for Android beta download”! 🙂

Beta invites for Polarbear app for Android go out today!
Get on the list:

Polarbear app for Android beta stats: Signups: 552 / Pageviews: 2271