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I’m happy to announce that the new Polarbear beta for BlackBerry 10 will be released next week!!



Polarbear got featured in BlackBerry Q10 ad!!


Polarbear for BlackBerry 10 is now in public beta! Download at

I’m working hard on the next update!

Polarbear for BlackBerry 10 just got an Active Frame!

The Polarbear #BBM channel just passed 10.000 visits! 🙂
Wanna join us? Pin: C000E8331

Polarbear 2.0.1 is faster, smarter and got a lot of great new features!

Get a beta invite!

Join the Polarbear Google+ community to get access to the new Android beta!

The new beta of Polarbear for Android will be released on Sunday! (August 18)

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There are now 1897 Polarbear for BlackBerry 10 users! 🙂