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Beta invites for Polarbear app for Android go out today!
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Polarbear app for Android just got smarter!
The buttons are not hidden behind the keyboard anymore! 🙂

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Post to WordPress, Tumblr, Facebook, Blogger, Twitter and many more networks at once!

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Polarbear app will let you post to WordPress, HootSuite, Buffer, Yammer, Evernote and 30+ services thanks to IFTTT recipes!

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How to post a message to 8 social networks in less than 6 seconds!

Post to WordPress, Tumblr, Facebook, Facebook Pages, Blogger, Ifttt, Twitter, LinkedIn and at once!

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I’m excited to announce that Polarbear app for Android goes into private beta next week!

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Polarbear is coming to Android!
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Post messages to multiple social networks and blogs at once!